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June 06, 2007


J. Penn

Congrats to the HOT Babe! Whoa, wait a minute... That's My HOT Babe!!! Christy, you truly have poured your heart out into this adventure. In just a short while you've made so many friends, learned and applied new skills, and made eternal memories for yourself and others. I'm so proud, sniff, sniff. I'm just happy to be along for the ride. Love, J

Amanda McMillian

Christy P! I think I might have taken this picture! :-O You ARE a hott babe ;-) Hehe. You're mine and Stacy's and Katie's hott babe too, not just Jason's!!!! Congratulations for winning, you are so awesome! You have taught me almost everything I know and if it weren't for you I dont know where I'd be! [Probably working at Sonic!! Haha] Thanks for everything! I love you! :-)
P.s. You should buy me a hot chocolate from Starbucks sometime ;-)

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