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June 22, 2007


Nicole Pitts

Can't wait to se the new things.. hopefully it will be an aweseomome shopping cart you can add to my site! hint..hint.. lol


Does the Blu Girl of the year have to be a SP? I'm not exactly flirty and fresh but my daughter is!

as long as she is over 21 .Kailee Ann

Sarah e. Smith

Oh man! I have been coveting one of these sites for months. I swear I am Blu's biggest fan *wink*

Looking forward to submitting my entry...thanks for the opportunity to win one of your amazing sites!


If I haven't yet purchaed my site can I still participate in the contests?

BTW: This is the coolest company! It's fun just reading about the contests you are doing, I check the site out almost daily. You guys must have a blast just going into work!

Keep up the good work!

Ron Spencer III

I just wanted to wish you (BLU THAT IS) a Happy Birthday...we are HUGE Lovers of BLU but have yet to get off our (well, you know what) and obtain at NEW BLU SITE... Any NEW Blu Specials???? Well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and stay out of trouble..

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