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June 08, 2007



I don't usually disagree with you, but the tipping of Take-Out service I do!!! I worked at Chili's for many years and would have to put together the take-out food on many occassions. It is a LOT of work, because everything gets packaged differently when it's to-go (so that your food doesn't get soggy, cold, messy, etc). PLUS you have to remember to get all the xtra sides in the bag etc etc etc. It is VERY appreciated when you're tipped for doing this service!!!! It's actually MORE work than waiting on a table!!
Just wanted to add my two cents on the topic!


When I'm in NY I tip the grocery bagger in coins, they usually accept any amount. My ex-husband did this through Junior High and High School and was proud that he could buy the things he wanted, that his parents could not afford (100 pennies still = $1.) When I'm in Jamaica,W.I., if you have several bags, the bagger will take your bags to the car and I usually tip about JA$40 (anything under $50 is coins) or I give him a JA$50 bill, the equivalent of US$0.80 and US$0.90 respectively.

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