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May 14, 2007


Cory Ann Ellis

Yeah, JB is awesome! Great to see this profile.

John Blair

Ahhh, Cory Ann,, you're too sweet.

Kailee,,, thanks for the profile. You guys are awesome.



Finally!! Someone I know and love. The Blairs are fabulous.



Despite being from Arkansas you really do great work. You can't beat a talented eye and a twisted sense of humour to create a great photog.

Plus as a bonus, your clients get a photog who can stick 'em, shock 'em, treat 'em and street 'em!

Laura Endsley

Wow John, your work is truly amazing!
I hope your Arkansas brides appretiate what their getting from you! It looks like you could make it big anywhere!


Finally a photographer worthy of praise.. JB, you da man and please put the red bra away, that was just some us time alright??

John Blair

Hey Fish, I've let the paramedic certification go... but man, it would be fun to play again.

Sinead, you make me blush.

Laura,, thank you so much. I am truly blessed, as I personally think the JB Brides are the most kickin brides around.

Humdaddy,,, brother you know that red bra was my little keepsake from your visit. :)



Love that JB!

Kelley Frese

John, Amazing work!

Kailee, I love the featured photographer posts. My eyes are opened daily to the many many many talented photographers out there.



Gorgeous work, JB..and it keeps getting better and better and better and better! My whole family is so amazed of the gorgeous shots you did of my daughter's wedding last June. You and Trisha were so fun to work with, and your photographs are truly art!



Hi John

Looking good. Don't lose too much weight or I won't recognize you.

Wishing you much success,


Chris Mann in Turks & Caicos

Hey JB - that's cool...

BTW I have a ton of sunscreen you can borrow!

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