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May 20, 2007



Hi Kailee,

I am so excited about your deal on interface 35 but was not sure of your procedure on purchasing it. Do I just purchase it the normal procedure - clicking on PURCHASE IT or do we do it differently?

Thanks and more power,


Hi Kailee!!

I am obsessed with cupcakes too! I even have this thing called a cupcake courier! It essentially is a cupcake hotel! So you can take all your cupcakes with you where ever you go and as many as you want to take!
It's SO pretty! Especially filled with cupcakes! :)
Have a great day!


YAY!!! PINKLE - or Michelle!!!
You have a GREAT list. Esp. #2 - I would love to shoot with my boys too!

Congrats on being on blu.


Lucky people out there! I have Interface 35 and love it!... if only I waited sigh

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge

My cousin in Toronto, Canada ownes a fabulous and deelish cupcake bakery and store called LOLLICAKES:)

Check it out!



AH!!! another girl i know!
Michele, those are all lovely! i love that you are so about your kids. another deserving woman!

bravo Kailee for your picks so far!


Wess Gray

Hi Kailee,
I received a great e-mail from a client, I know you would enjoy their comment about our BluDomain website, so how do I get an e-mail address to forward it to you?
Thanks, Wess

Re_ Joyful Noise - Part 3

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