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May 16, 2007


heather jaques

I think she'll have her baby on June 5th at 9:30 PM.

1 year ago then my little boy will have his first birthday, so for luck and past times, JUNE 5th baby.

amber Wright

im gonna go with june 1st at 11pm! i mean...what better way to start your weekend? congrats and many blessings to them and their family c:

Mandi Haynes

Well, I'm a bad apple but I think that baby is still riding high! LOL. So 11th June at 5am here!

cyndi smith

My guess: June 8th at 9:59pm


oh yes...she is definately going to have the baby on my birthday.....labor day weekend...May 27 @ 11 pm...good luck...and easy labor vibrations :))

Sara Donaldson

Hmmmm. June 3rd. 3:56pm :)


June 2, in the early am hours-- let's say 2:00 am. :)

Michelle O

June 1st 10:55a.m. Good luck girl and TAKE THE EPIDURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't get a trophy for doing it drug-free when you walk out of that hospital and the epidural will make the whole experience enjoyable!!! :)

Jaime McAllister

I think she will have the baby June 2nd at 1:00 pm.


June 3 at 5am. Come on mama!


June 7th, 9:13am Congrats to you both and easy labor vibes your way!

Michelle Lindenmuth

Both my boys were born on 5/25 so it's a lucky day for me. So I will guess 5/25 at 8pm. =)
Good luck!


Congrats!! She is adorable!!
I say May 28th, 5pm!

Christy Williams

hhhmmmm...I think it will definitely be June 1st at 5:30pm!

Jocelin Blohm

Oh I LOVE babies! I think June 4th at 4:44AM, because 4 is my favorite number...

Tonee Lawrence

I think she'll have the baby on May 31st at 2:30am! Pick up something with a turtle on it along the way for good baby bearing luck!! My friend brought me a stone turtle figureine that I dropped in my gown pocket! It stayed there the whole 27 hours of my labor, and i still have it carefully in my hope chest!

Good Luck Mama!


I think...June 3rd - 4:28pm. Come on little one, I'm rootin' for ya!

Kelly K

June 8 7:27 pm...come on baby :-)

Kim Sparks

ummm....June 6 at 5:56pm
Good luck!!!!!!! Sleep now while you can!:)

Rodney Gehman

June 1, 7:45 am


June 1st 4:20am

natasha cuevas

June 2 3pm

Whitney Stevens

June 1st 3:15pm


120 bones for a 4X6??
Is that for real? How do you do it?
....geeze, mabey I do need to take your workshop.


Ugh...27 hours of labor, you call that a LUCKY turtle? I have three kids, no epidurals for any of them, and back labor with all of them...so hang in there and do it the way YOU need to do it! I'm going with June 6 around 9am. Hugs to the new parents!

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