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May 10, 2007


Steve D

Excellent! THANK YOU KAILEE!!!

Jessica Hughes

Aww...Have fun with your Mom this weekend. You deserve the break. ;) Can't wait to see the pictures! :)


You rock!!!!!


Whoohoo! Yay! Thank you!


woooo hooooo!

Jason K

Kailee, my mama thanks you!


weeeeeeeee! Thanks, Kailee! Can't wait to see the mommies.

Bernard O

woooooow, thanks, I am waiting to see my mama!!!


ok i'm confused
do we get free $400 interfaces?
or we get any interface for that amount?
i just printed a contract, and if that's the case, i'll have to take you up on it, the one i want is $800!!!

can you let us know?


Thanks so much!!! I'm taking a pic of my mom tomorrow!!! Can't wait for a $420 site :)

Sacha B

Does the sign have to say "mama" specifically, or a variation of that?

Carole Foret

Happy Mother's Day, Aundrea--I've been a Mom for 14 years too! Of a girl, no doubt. Good luck to us--right? haha You ALL have a great weekend with your moms...


Oh you are so incredibly awesome. :)
Have a beautiful weekend with your mama!

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