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April 23, 2007



I was disappointed in his book as well. While I started to read his book, I started jotting down what to follow and gave up after I had 24 of his suggestions and was still writing - I realized that this was a pretty long list of things to do and that I would have to remind myself on my daily things to do list to remember to follow my things to do list from Trudeau - haha!! Thanks for highlighting the topics =)


I would definitely recommend Infrared Saunas to anyone - they are fantastic!!

Colonics - while you definitely loose weight (I lost 10lbs. from them) it's extremely painful and stressful procedure. I would avoid them and use only for an absolute last resort.

Rebounders are EXCELLENT!!! I would highly recommend to anyone too.

concerned lady

Ladies out there... before doing any sort of body cleansing or taking any supplements make sure they don't effect any medication you are taking, ESPECIALLY BIRTH CONTROL. Even eating excess amount of grape fruit juice will effect birth control. Please be careful when taking any diet advice from anyone that doesn't understand your full medical background. Please post a disclaimer to this blog entry.

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