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April 25, 2007


Allen A

Hi Jonathan
You're right, Heaven will be a nice place and
God has made it possible for all to recieve
it at the end of this life. It is available by
accepting His son Jesus. It not automatic, but nothing worth having is. I know this is not a typical
response for the blog world, but I cant help
but to share when I feel lead. God Bless and I hope to see you in Heaven!!!

Jessica Hughes

Jonathan, your witty personality has made my morning. I laughed through your entire interview. *clap* encore!!

Katie Morois

Oh Jonny..
Not Only Did You Make My Day..You Made My Weekend..My Whole Next Week..And The Whole Week After That..The Picture Of You On Here Is My All-Time Favorite Picture Of You..I Should Get A Lifesize..Anywho..Im Really Proud Of All You Have Done..I Hope You Keep It Up..I Dont Want You To Be A Wal*Mart Sticker Boy..
Love Ya!!

Jonathan Miller

hmm Kailee I love how the dance video is prettier than my face and is on top haha!! and where is my soup :( and please make it with Fiji water... because i'm your BFF hehe...hmm *cough* so you should buy me that dior manbag so i can have 5!! haha o well ill just cut out the picture and get some shoestring and hang it over my shoulder :D


P.S. and thanks Jessica!! I love brightening peoples mornings!! *bow* for encore hehe

P.S.S. *Hug* for Kailee

P.S.S.S. I got u a shovel for the snow... and a hot man to do the shoveling for ya!!.... but something happened in transit and well were getting coffee this morning haha ;P


I LOVE JONATHAN MILLER! He is by far the sexiest man I've ever met in my life.. i want to have his babies..

<3 you bitch!



I want to be your BFF. I want you to take my picture.

i heart Jonathan

Jonathan's Mom

OK, you win on the car. But if you did have a car the answer would have to be a roadside emergency kit compliments of your mom and dad. HaHa. I loved the interview, nobody could be prouder of you than I am! But I have to disagree with the if my life were made into a movie answer. Have you ever seen that movie!? Your movie would have to be a comedy. I just can't think of one funny enough or screwball enough to equal your daily life. I Love You!! Oh yah, don't forget, NO WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Miller

umm see where i get my insanity from kailee?!?! my mother.... god save us all haha

D   ustin

You like HEROES?

Jonathan Miller

whats Heroes? :o lol

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