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April 24, 2007



Hydroxycut Hardcore is AWESOME! I've been taking it semi-regularly for about 6 months and have lost 22 lbs. It's not a magic pill though...you must combine it with exercise and cutting back on calories. It helps give you energy but doesn't make you feel jittery and it really curbs your appetite. Try it!!


i don't meet the average handbag. i own 3!

Jonathan Miller

Kailee what about the men? I own 4 man bags haha... one including that hot puma bag in my self portrait haha!! :D Was sick for days and now filling out your novel :D



I didn't see a post for today (April 25th) ??? Can I request a $400 contract????

Please say YES!!!

Michelle O

You really shouldn't get my taste buds going like that! I *love* handbags...they are my weakness!

Kerri Banyas

No post!!!! I emailed you also, but I really want in on the $400 contract--I want to rock my site--BLU style!

Thanks!! Although I do hope everyone is ok and not buried in snow!

Kerri Banyas

Can I request a $400 contract too? I need to rock my site BLU style!


Ron Lee

Hey hey! I would love to purchase one of your fabulous $400 contract. Your flash sites are awesome! Please drop me an email ya?


Ron (Sg)

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