April 09, 2007


Jessica Hughes

lol...that's what I have in my freezer too, among the other necessities. ;)

Jessica Hughes

Oh, yeah, he is fun to look at, isn't he? :)

Laura Endsley

I think I caught a fly.
I've looked at a lot of pictures but my mouth has never hung open as long as it did when I saw the afterbirth-fridge.
Oh My Gosh.


LOL, after my mom had my brother, we had the placenta in our fridge for the longest time. Freezer actually (I think). My mom wanted to bury it, but my brother was born in December so it took a while. Did you know there are actual recipes you can cook with placenta?

Jen Lane

LOL! I totally think Jeff should win! Anyone brave enough to show the world frozen placenta deserves a website! LOL! My last two were born at home, and we had placenta in our freezer for a while too! I wanted to plant a tree with each one and never got around to it, lol!

Jonathan Miller

omg are people serious about freezing placenta??.... Straight couples are so weird... and is that where the mom puts her kids on time out...?!?! child services anyone?!?! hehe

Great pictures so far... can't wait to see rest of winners!!!


Ha...Mr. Lively has a wedding band on so I'm not sure about the bachelor thing.;-) I know there are probably a lot of disappointed ladies out there! Love the kiddies in the fridge and especially love the blu brews....that took some serious thought and execution!

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