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April 27, 2007



man... just when i am counting down the mins.. hoping that you would accidently forget to post a blog. now.. it seems like dreaming of another $400 template day seems far away....... :(

well, have fun dancing girlfriend~ party hard, rock on.. and be safe!

Jessica Hughes

I like to drink thera flu with hang overs...and lots of gatorade and water. :)

Nicole Renee

Hey Kailee!! I sent you an email yesterday and I think all my emails keep getting into spam to whoever I send. I am leaving a comment -- if you read them -- to see if you would check for me.

Hope your evening was fantabulous!!


You are fashion fearless!

I live through you vicariously. In fact, I may have worn that dress in a previous lifetime.

Jen Lee

oohhhh all of these things = FUN & SUPER SEXY!!!!!!!

Hope you had a blast!!

Michelle O

Okay, so I am thinking that you had a great night dancing since there isn't a post up yet today! Looks like your gatorade remedy may not have worked so hot after all!!!

Rae Mati

Hi Kailee! I am in Ohio and it's April 29, 12:34 EST, do I qualify for your discounted site of $400 since I do not see a blog yesterday? Oh please say yes. I would really like to get the Jinky Art template.
More power!


Too much editing to dance with you tonight but whoever gets the chance is one lucky cat! Nice shoes!


Where did you find that fabulous "Red Tote?"


Love the red handbag! Where did u find this beauty?

Pam the red tote comes in 3 different colors ( black. red. & white) from www.ninewest.com


Hey girl sounds like we had the same night on Sat! I drank 3 things of Gatorade on Sun LOL

Where did you get that gorgeous dress?

Leah Simmers

ok where can I find that fabulous dress?!

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