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April 16, 2007



So, if on a given day you don't post a blog entry, there is no possible way for us to be certain you didn't or won't post until the day in question is completely gone. Then, by what you're saying, it's too late for us to ask for a $400 day website? In all fairness, if you miss a day of blogging (ie:Sunday) we should have 24 hours to respond (in that case, Monday).


I would have to agree with Martin, it did appear that the $400 promo ran the following 24 hours...


I think I just realized what may be the problem in all of the confusion. Was it supposed to read that you forgot to write the blog on Saturday instead of Sunday? Because your blog goes from 4-13 to 4-15 and so 4-14 would be on that Saturday and not the Sunday as the blog says. You stated you were caught bright and early on Sunday morning. Maybe that is what is causing some of the confusion????

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