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April 22, 2007


Betsy & Jeff McCue

Excellent! Please sign us up for a $400 contract as well.

We will send an email to the address listed too.


Beth Cardwell

Thanks for the drill-I am on it! Just sent you an e-mail!

Tara Martin

Hey Kailee,
I'd LOVE to get in on the $400 site. Please send me a contract. I'm off to send you an email.


Got my contract. Thanks! But my fax won't go through. I'll keep trying.


Angela Hubbard



Hi Kailee. Would love a
$400 domain please. Think I'm getting in just under the deadline!


Not sure if my last post worked or not. Forgive the repeat if so. But would love a $400 contract. Sent an email as well, just in case!



Hi Kailee,

I sent you an email regarding the $400.00 contracts, however, like everyone else I wanted to cover all angles possible.

Thank you,



Thank you!!!!
I hope I am still in I'll send you an email

amy boring

I want a $400 dollar site contract. Please. Pretty please.

my daily struggle

um. count me in...that is, if this isn't a joke.


I've been emailing about getting a interface for about a month now....I would really appreciate getting one for 400...I REALLY NEED IT!!!! Please contact me Thank you for your help!!


doh! i've been checking everyday since I heard about the $400 contract.. and what do you know.. just on the day i forgot to check the blog.. i missed it. :(

my site totally needs blu to kick it up a knotch (Emeril BAM! style).

i don't suppose it too late to ask for a contract??

Vince Cianci

Ok, I want in on this amazing deal!! Where do I sign?

Nasilele Holland

I absolutely cannot believe that I missed this... waaaaaaa... on another note I am ecstatic that I have found bludomain... the templates are awesome!

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