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April 22, 2007



Thank you, Kailee. Very cool! You rock! Please send me a $400 contract.

Michael Johnson

Hmmm... I'm a gentleman so I will oblige your request for a $400.00 contract :D Christmas in April...sweeeet.

John Malloy

.......niiiiiiiiiiiice.....thx! It'll be our 3rd blusite and enough saved to get the driver i won't have time to use....

Brandi Ginn


Since you forgot last week is this common?

Just wondering. :o)

Ryan Estes

Sent you an email but I'll post a comment here as well -- I'd like a $400 contract please. :)

Nelson  Rodriguez

I sent you an email also...I'd like a $400 contract Please:)

Thank You


oh I'm in the process of talking my project manager (aka hubby) into it! i REALLY want one!


ummm... yah, me too. i would ike a $400 site too please.

Jay Carey

Yo, Kaile
me, too


I want one, too-does it include
a bike?


I want one, too-does it include a bike?

lauren c.

i'm also going to email you, but i'd LOVE to get a $400 site!! YAY! : )


I'm so-o-o-o-o IN for the $400 offer!
Please send me a contract ASAP!

Carol Masica

Count me in too!! Can you send me a contact ASAP too!!!
Can't wait to get my new site up!!


Me too I also emailed!!


Just sent an email-I'm in too. That makes 2 Blu site in 2 weeks YAH!

Thanks Kailee


requesting a contract. Please!

Brandi Ginn

Requesting a contract please :o)



Requesting a $400.00 contract please and I sent you a email.

Thanks Kailee! ;=)


Hi Kailee-

Sent you an e-mail but want to make sure I can get in on this great deal. Please sign me up for a $400 contract.


Claude Jodoin

I want one too.

Vicki Barrett

Hey Kailee I would love a contract for a $400.00 site. Thanks your the best!!!

Summer Knobloch

Please send me a contract! Yay! I can't wait to get my site up!!
Thanks Kailee- you're the best :)


PLEASE!!! I would greatly appreciate a contract. You are awesome and beautiful and smart and all of that buttering up kinda stuff.

Kelli Ward

Thanks so much! I sent an email, but just want to cover myself. Please send a contract!

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