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March 22, 2007


Dianna Baker

Kailee- You and the B team are too cool. I'm so in.... :)-


AWESOME!!! This is so cool! Bludomain, you rock! :) *runs to get her camera*

Kristin Hayes

A quick question about Contest H - how recent is recent? A couple of weeks? A couple of months? Within the past year? Thanks!

Jeremy G

I am in on this for sure. Been checking out your templates for a couple weeks now.


Is it just one entry per contest?

Karen B

Great contests! I was a little confused by the deadline you posted - is it suppose to be Monday March 26 or Wednesday, March 28?

Shannon W.

Blu rocks!!! :D

John Mueller

I don't have a blu domain website yet, but I plan on entering as many of these contests as possible to get one. They're great and very reasonable.

I like how your Customer Appreciation WEEK is 3 days. haha.

Anyway, I'll email you the photos when they're done.


Henry Scoobie Schneider

Kailee, I got my Blu Shindig Invite today. Looks like a Bangin Party at the Palms. I'll see you all there. Scoobie

ray santana

Vegas baby....

Cristy Cross

Hey I'm trying for a few or maybe all of these. I haven't gotten my blu shindig in the mail yet though. Hopefully it will be here by tomorrow. If it is not, does that mean I can't come to the party?
Thanks Kailee

Jocelin Blohm

Just wondering when the deadline is? The contest info says Monday, March 27th but Monday is the 26th? Can I still turn pics in until tomorrow? Thanks! Jocie

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