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March 14, 2007


Jessica Hughes

Ooh, thanks for posting that link. I need this chair for my 'studio'.

Matt Normann

If you like the pink grapefruit body butter you have to check out Trillium Organic, They have a line of Pink Grapefruit that is really totaly organic and great for your skin. I did all of their product photography. My wife laid claim to half of the products I shot. I use their face scrubs for shaveing instead of shaveing lotion. Check them out at

Henry Scoobie Schneider

My Wife Lisa uses the Bodyshop.com all the time. She orders the Passion Fruit Soap and the Papaya Soap, It is to die for (according to Lisa) and for $3.00 each it is a great deal as well. I'll order the Pink Grapefruit for Lisa, She might like that.
We'll see you at WPPI in 9 days. Scoobie

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