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March 28, 2007


Jessica Hughes

It's beautiful!! :) You guys are going to kill me!!

Ray P

it was so nice to meet your team. the party was very impressive and i want to call and thank you personally for giving me the opportunity as a new photographer to mingle with so many talented photographers. Kailee you rock. It was nice to meet you in person maybe now I will make your list of all lists.

Susan Braswell

It's pretty but bring on the Jinky. Tap, tap there are so many of us waiting... :)

Jeff Y

Love it! When are the other 4 new sites going to be unveiled?


So, how do we purchase "Grace" and for $500? Thanks!

Leah Simmers

Ok why am I seeing the Grace and Chloe but not the Jinky


Girl you are so mean...lol telling us Jinky's site is released and not giving us a link.


We Want JINKY!


The Jinky tamplate is AWESOME! I emailed you. :-) ~~~Soooo excited!!!


Wowee.....Barb rocks!!;-) Love Jinky's site....awesome!!!


Good Lord! That shopping cart feature is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you be offering it as an ad-on to previous sites?


Okay, the Jinky template ROCKS!!! Awesome job guys! I love it soooo much, especially the shopping cart!

Kelly Clare

You really couldn't have gotten any more fabulous than Jinky now could you?? A shopping cart AND rockin web site and all my dreams in one. Is it Christmas??? Any word on the contest continuing?

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