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February 12, 2007



Wow, I feel "hip" as I already had downloaded a lot of track from that album and yes, I'm in the over 40 & fabulous set (eek!)

I love the "Lotta Love" track by Nicolette Larson, and the remix "Do You Think I'm Sexy"!

The Doobie's track is good but I really love their dance remix of "Long Train Runnin'" on their most recent greatest hits.

Oooh a new Kailee interface:) Hooray!


I sent an email to you in response to your email about the Christmas contest. Did you get it? I am re-posting this here, becasue I have not heard if you got it or not. :) Thanks Kailee.


I also sent 2 emails and one is still in my outbox b/c my email with you is not working.


what are your phone numbers sorry I have no emails from either of you girls


what are your phone numbers sorry I have no emails from either of you girls.

scratch that idea- you may get some new friends. Email aundrea at bludomain@comcast.net


Hey Kailee...I swear I have the hardest time posting on this blog....a new Kailee interface...drooling...when? when? when?

Can I send you my wishlist of goodies I want so I can update my site?



okay Kori has been contacted- send me some love Tawnya at bludomain@comcast.net (Aundrea will forward it to me)

Kim- my site launches in 2 weeks!! Send me your wishlist to kailee@bludomain.com


A week ago I got a delivery of beautiful flowers(lotsa tulips - my fave). Turns out my husband thought Valentine's Day was Feb. 7????? They are still looking great and was certainly a surprise!


Hey Blu....have I told you I loved you today? I love you guys everyday, not just on Valentine's Day! :)


Hi again. I just sent an email to the address you gave. LEt me know if you get it!


Kori is love for Blu conquers all....

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