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February 11, 2007



Did you guys ever judge the Valentine's Couple Contest? Sorry, it's been a long weekend. Just want to make sure I didnt miss anything.

Jill  Higgins

Thanks for doing fun contests all the time!

Meredith Cope

Wooooo Hoooooo!


I also sent an email in regards to the email you sent me about the boots and the Christmas contest. Did you get the email? If you could just drope me a note that says yes or no. Thanks- I know you are extrememly busy.


Are your email issues resolved?

I've sent 3 emails within the past week and have not gotten any response. Is there an alternate email address I should use?


Amanda Padgham

LOVE THIS BLOG! I look forward to your posts Kailee! I also was curious about the couples Valentine's contest. No big deal, just wondering. Keep up the great work!!

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