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February 25, 2007



I hope Aundrea gets the rest she needs.
Get well soon!

Carole Foret

Aww, Kailee, that's okay! I know y'all have been ill, and I'm sorry to hear Aundrea is sick now! Well, I'm not sick--just in my 2nd week of recovering from my tonsillectomy--the most painful surgery/recovery there is for an adult!! But, I'm on my way. Hope to have you girls back soon! I need another template! Getting work done from my bed...:) Blessings to all of you.



No post yesterday. Does that mean, we get $400 dollar sites today? Or does that rule only apply to Aundrea?

Peter Finger

Aundrea, get well soon!! Being sick is no fun, being sick with people sending emails, NOT knowing your sick is even less fun.

Chicken soup still works, I swear it does!

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