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February 10, 2007



hey guys Sorry about Jack! ummm, about his burial. I know that winters are long in co. and may seem like they will last forever but you do know that the snow will melt. And Paper really doesn't make a great plack. It tends to disintegrate when wet. Sorry guys you may see jack's remains again in the spring, so be prepared, I just wanted to warn you.

a concerned friend.


Kailee, Id be happy to look after rico.

Jennifer Farris

What about the second revision of the Little blu site? Is that one going to launch soon?


If Rico has Oklahoma on his list of places to visit, we'd be delighted to host him and show him a good time. Might be a welcome distraction from his recent hard times and loss of a good friend.

Jodi Stone

When is the PhotographersResouce template going up for sale? Is it lurking about without being noticed?
I doubt it :)

Schmidt Studio and Gallery

Blu Guy and the Schmidt Studio Family send our condolences to everyone at blu. We are deeply sorry about the loss of our dear Jack!!! He will be missed very much! We will declare Monday a "Jack Day of Mourning" at the studio! Studio will be closed!

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