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February 01, 2007



That's because we are very kind photographers.

D Baker

I told my husband that very thing. It's not always about the money its about building your name.


you think they are missing the "sold" part of the question?
just a 'random thought':)


I'm sorry to hear you guys are having email issues. I know it can be frustrating and stressful to deal with. Thank you for letting us know that you aren't ignoring us. I hope you got my email I sent last night to the comcast.net email. I look forward to hearing back from you when everything is resolved.

Anne P

Thanks for letting everyone know :) Hope ya'll get it figured out!

Allison Sangree

I am so sorry that I may have added to the stress and frustration with my emails and voice messages. I too am happy to know that it's not me =) Looking forward to hearing from you and setting up my new site eventually.
Try prayer if you haven' already, and know there's a purpose for everything - I'm doing the same =)

nancy elizabeth

I am so sorry to hear of your stress.
You have all been wonderful in your responses to me and more than helpful and professional. Hopefully, people can go by your fantastic reputation and see that life does happen and that you are all working above and beyond for your company. Anyone who takes the time to "research" you and your company will find that out, as I did. thanks again and hang in there...

dawn davis

We've had a fantastic experience with BluDomain and highly recommend you all. Nobody is perfect and frankly... shit happens! Don't sweat the small stuff... life goes on. We know you're all doing everything within your power to fix the ugly ghostbuster email grabber!

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