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February 03, 2007


[ b ] e c k e r

hell yeah!


Wow-have a great time!

Katie Torres

oooo la la! We are excited about this!

cat and adi

can't wait!


I can not help but notice no post for friday. will there be another 400 deal?
Thanks, poor, hungry, new artest in need of site.


Ummmm Gin....there was a post on Friday, it has been deleted. ;)

Kailee.....I emailed you, but my email may not have gone through...please let me know if you didn't get my 411! I also have a guest if that's possible.


oh, o.k. thanks. I will be waiting.

Canadian Bowling Champ

With various trophy's from both International and local competitions I would be happy to whip some poor Americans ASS in a round of 10pin :)........but I,m not a celebrity :(.....only in my Mothers eyes

JB Sallee

Can't wait...jb

Shannon Kaple

See you there! Can't wait.



Peter Finger

I sent two emails, I never heard back, are you not getting the emails sent? So I thought I'd try this method.

Count me in for the invite.

Michelle Pearson

OOO, sounds like alot of fun!!!

Michelle Pearson

sounds like alot of fun!

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