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February 07, 2007


D Baker

Awh.. Shucks.. I just knew my ***Fo-Toes*** has *Nail*ed it.. HA HA Congrats to the winners anyway.. Love the chefs hat.

Kelly Williams

Bwaahaha I love the converse! Now that's dedication/love.


Hey guys, there seems to be a glitch in the programming of Betty. It was working fine last night but this morning, if you go to view in same window, the flash shows up all disjointed on the left (when viewed in Firefox... IE is okay.)


Yes just in case you are not aware it is not working at all in Netscape (none of your interfaces are right now) but works fine in Safari.


Great feets!

D Baker

OK Ms Kailee..:) Where's the fab five not so much winners, but very close?


So how does it work if the special expires at midnight but you don't get the contract until after that (email states it takes up to 36 hours)?


Is Betty being offered at a lower price because there are still bugs in the design? I noticed that there is supposed to be client proofing but that isn't shown. Also there is supposed to be a link on the splash page to that client proofing but that isn't there. I love the design but I may have to pay full price for one of the other interfaces because I need something that is dependable up asap. Anyone have any info on this? How have their other new releases worked?


When i view the site on a laptop size screen, i can't see the thumbnails. It is fine on a larger screen but i worry that my clients will have trouble viewing it. Besides that i think it looks great! I LOVE the large photos! Great Job!


Okay....the site design kicks butt! The changing of the background colors is the one thing that I wish mine could do now! If your clients do not have their screen resolution set to the appropriate setting that you have shown on the front of the entrance page, they won't be seeing ANY website appropriately!

Wade.....dude.....YOU ROCK! ;)

SEI design group

Barbi, Don't worry about the new release issues. The bugs get worked out and you will love your site and then be ready for a new one after a bit, just like the rest of us blu groupies.

River Girl

Kailee, what about the runner ups?

David Norris

**** Well I filled out the order form last night for Betty, and recv. a auto response back. But I was concerned as when I called in today (after local 5:00) time that they were having email issues. So I am leaving a posting here to state that I did place the order - oh man, now I am thinking it may have been this morning (koo koo koo) in any event, I am confirming I did place the contract request prior to me turning into a pumpkin at Midnight Tonight Folks over there at the Blu Sales team ... Yippeee Yai A -

I leave a voicemail too, so they no doubt are say'ing there is that guy from ModernPics again.... holly canoliee

But yes I do see some bugs as well, as I am using a 1024 x 768 resolution, and even with my browser IE 7.0 max'ed it cuts off the thumb nails on the right side.

PS. Wonder what the reference to a "contract" is all about - I am in hope's that after I buy the template, we are going to host it our self's - as we are a hosting company as well. I would assume it is "not" one of those yearly subscriptions or what is the deal on support and all after the buy price.

Can someone comment on that, or point me to some web dialog on the aggreement / contact?

Cheers all...


02/07/07 04:00 PM (PST)

David Norris

Congrat's to the photog contest!

Pics look super cool and what a great prize to get a free interface...

Prop's to the winners!



Sorry! I am 1280 by 1064! I couldn't imagine seeing stuff ANY larger! Geeze....are you folks blind? hahahahaha

It does go off of the edge at the recommended settings on the flash page....I am sure Blu will correct it!


Oh....and thank GOD we were spared David's toes! ;)

David Norris

Yo Kori,

Which David :)

That's my name too....


Say, which interface to you have Kori?

What's your web URL.

Take care!



The reason why templates should really be visible completely on a 1024x768 screen is because people often have small laptops, like 14" screens and similar. It's not possible to have a higher resolution than 1024 on some systems.

"Betty" does not show the thumbnails on the side of the screen on a 1024 resolution. I would think this is a pretty important concern.


Thanks SEI...I went ahead and placed my order and took a chance. But now I'm concerned about having a new addiction! I've got this unending thirst for backdrops, actions, and lenses....all I need is another monkey on my back...lol!

David Norris


I get it.... David as in DBaker the winner.

What I corn-ball I am.




I have had the same problem with the resolution. To tell you the truth, I am glad to hear that I am not the only person having that problem.
I am sure that blu will solve it.

I have faith!

I do wanna know what happen to the 5 runner ups in the contest. When will those be posted?

Heather Arellano

And what about photographerresource.com? You're killing me blu! I already have my blu site (which I LOVE) and need my next blu fix!!!

D Baker

Sorry David. D Baker is Dianna Baker. I think maybe Kori was talking about David Norris?? :) Don't worry though I had a pedicure and then covered them with toe socks for my entry. The world is safe again.. HA :)

SEI design group

WTG Barbi! All I can tell you is that I get great feedback since I upgraded to our Lucy site. Kailee keeps the buzz going here and we all get crazy and keep buying new sites!

SEI design group

BTW, Betty looks really great on widescreen. Both my 13.3 Sony SZ(1280x800) and the Dell 24" widescreen monitor(1680x1050).

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