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February 06, 2007



Life is short, Kailee. Go for the cookies.

Kelly Williams

Mmmmm, no the Minty ones are the best. Yum.


Go for the book! :) If I am on a diet, everybody should have to be! hehehe I can SMELL those cookies though!



When will you start replying to requests for buying your templates?

You are not responding to your Comcast or info@blu email addresses for a week now.

Thank you.


Ummmm, Kelly...hello? READ the blog? Their email has been wonkey and is still being worked on.



Do you mean that a technology-centric internet company should actually take this long to fix their email servers?

Is it not possible to setup alternative email addresses to simply politely reply to prospective clients with an email boilerplate?

I guess when there must be so much demand that little care is shown towards new clients.

Quite a shame.


Well...don't you just have a 'tude.

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