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February 06, 2007



Just recently found bludomain, and therefore never seen a launch. However, the suspense is killing me. :) I am in awe of how much you all work though... you guys should all call in sick to work tomorrow. :)

David Norris

Waz up poppy kats!

It's like 05:20 PST here in Cali... ummmm does that mean it's 07:20 Moutain.

Yiee Yaaa - man I am hoping just the name of "Betty" does not mean it is kinda like one of those girly templates.

Just kidding, but in all this up roar... I would like to think it may be something that I may be interested in for my photo site that I am thinking of revamping.

Looking forward to seeing the goods dawgs!

dawgs = good thing.

prop's to you all!


David Norris Photography

David Norris


Sorry to be remiss,

Congrates on the New Boy!

David Norris

David Norris


Typo, Congrats - rather

David Norris

Will Betty be Interface 31 ?



Jennifer Farris

OMG!! Come on guys!! You're killin us..LOL!

Bob Schnell

Has Blu EVER met a deadline? Love my site, love the passion, but dear god, how about hiring a few more designers? Just a thought. Being professional means being on time, at least some of the time.


it's not about design Mr. Bob. It's about this little Miss Aundrea who likes things perfect - she is into the overall online presentation. She is our cosmetics girl. You have to love her her knack for detail.


Breathing In, breathing out...waiting patiently (sort of)!

Can't wait to see Betty in all her glory!


David....dude....you have 4 freakin' posts on here. hahahaha

Heather Arellano

Please, please, please tell me that the photographerresource is going to go live tomorrow. I've been waiting and waiting and I can't stand the wait any longer!!!! Love you blu!


hey...did you guys fix the email issues? im intersted in another site...(maybe betty, we'll see)

but im looking to roll ASAP. everything good to go?

Bob Schnell

Kailee, I am not being critical (okay, I am a little), and I am not waiting frustrated for Betty - though I am curious. I understand that Aundrea is all about the details, so much the better. I have been very happy with the interface 27 I got a few months back. However, if it is all up to Aundrea for the final approval, then maybe they should hire another Aundrea, or two, or three. (Oh hell, maybe I'm just jealous that I'm never one of the featured photographers on the blog...sigh)

Aundrea, if you're listening, don't ban me.

Rochelle Haisley

Love you Blu but I feel Blue from waiting...can hardly wait!!

David Norris

Kori .... wazzzzz up!

Aundrea, Rock on and looking forward to this Betty deal.

Peace out.


D Baker

Dave- Your killing me. LOL. Too funny. Don't sweat it BLU... :0 Can't wait to see all the Fo TOES from the contest.


OMG the suspence... I as well, am waiting for Betty but cannot decide what is killing me more, the announcement of the photo contest winner(s) or the site launch. (sorry im an artist not a scholar)
thanks for all the fun

Meredith Cope

can't.... handle.... the waiting....
But, hey, the price keeps dropping : )


Okay....now I am scared we are going to have to look at David's crusty toes. :) JK...luv ya' man!


betty... where are you?

Jodi Stone

As I await Betty's arrival...I realize that some of you may have some much needed advice for me. How do you manage your e-mail lists/contact that you get from your websites?
Do you do e-mail blasts. Do some of you have all your clients in outlook and e-mail address books with various internet providers?
How do you combine it all with flair and ease to be sure you market to your leads as you desire?
Talk to me,


Jodi, constant contact (constantcontact.com) has worked for me. I would like something with more easily managable templates, though.


Jodi...I just email everybody in my address book. :) But I have wayyyy too many blog stalkers. hehehe


Ahhh, I need to go to bed, but the anticipation is keeping me up. My 3 year old gets up WAY too early in the morning. I am going to be dragging tomorrow! It will be worth it though!

David Norris

Kori, how did you know I had Krusty toes!


Man, waz up there poppy kat's get Betty out of the closet!

I am going to have to crack a beer you guys know that don't ya.

Or if this Betty thing is super cool may have to break out the cocktails!



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