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February 09, 2007


Fan of Blu

Love this NEW BETTY better anyway.. She so looks like the description...



Sorry to hear about what you had to deal with...

But man-o-man!

I LOVE those new pics!!

I cant tell you how much I love NickAdams.com style and work, I am for sure bookmarking the photog's web site.

The new pics seem to really fit SO well with the look and feel of Internface 31 / Betty.

Really a sweet combo

And I am in the Mix!

As I have faxed by contract in, and cannot wait to start working this sweet interface.

Good to hear you guys are working hard to get all the performance issue cleared up and all.... I know what your going thru, as we are a web hosting provider as well.


David Norris Photography



I LOVE this better too. The images ROCK!


No more drama. The new images are great. Sorry about the headache. And Kailee....I appreciate your posts. They dont go un noticed. I hope the gumballs are good. Keep up the good work.



The new betty is way better!

I have a quetion about betty
how many pictures will it hold in each of the gallerys?


These pictures are AMAZING! Way better than the old Betty!


Although we appreciate the freedom of interaction that you get in a forum this blog is reserved for positive feedback and constructive criticism void of emotion. We will not contribute to any further controversy over this matter - it has nothing to do with us and is becoming somewhat tiresome.

Any posts that are negative will be promptly removed.

This is an issue that is between two photographers and is none of our business.

I'm a happy girl guys! No need for these he said/ she said, let's fuel a fire and write hateful posts.


Love it Kailee and sorry you had to deal with the drama. I actually like the girls/guys in the new photos better! Keep up the good work and "nil illigitmus carborundum" (Latin for "don't let the b*** wear you down")

PS Does Betty have client proofing?


I was really surprised to find out about all this drama going on. Blu, I'm glad that you took the images off the site, I think it was the right thing to do since it seems no one really knows the whole story behind all the drama except for the parties involved.
I do think that your next interface should feature the photos of Amy Wenzel. It's too bad that her images had to come off as well. She's an amazing photographer!

Katie Torres

6 of Four loves BLU!


It's amazing how pictures make all the difference in the world. I wasn't really that into Betty when you released her. And it was because of the model. I didn't find her attractive at all and it clouded my judgement. But since you switched the photos, I like Betty 1000 Percent better! The sad part is, if I wanna buy Betty now, I have to pay full price!! I BLEW IT!

Keep up the good work. You are a very talented bunch.


I heart Blu.

I have been a fan since last summer and holding out for Jinky to work with you. Keep up the good work!

Katie Torres

Let's not bash the other photographer or the other model. They were both wonderful, but had a misunderstanding. The new Betty is great too, but let's not hurt others in the process of loving the new.



I agree Katie! Nicely said!


Is the image in the front going to be smaller now? On the prior "Betty" it was larger.


I think it is a shame this whole Betty thing took an "ugly" twist and glad to see you changed the images on the site to protect the innocent.

I would like to know if a splash page is included since the client proofing is off that...how does that look or work?
I really want this site, but too many unknowns...proofing, calendar, splash page, size of site and how it looks on small monitors. Can Blu address this please. I know there are other curious minds.

Jessica Scheufler

Love the new site...and well said. Bravo for the postive spin.

sara anthony

I totally agree with Erin....bring Amy Wenzel's photos back; she wasn't involved. Her stuff rocks, she rocks!


Sorry to hear that your newest site turned into an Ugly Betty. No pun intended! Any photographer would be honored to have their images displayed on your websites without any compensation.


I also think you did the right thing by removing the images, but it was also nice to hear that Betty was given a free Blu site, I would have been thrilled with that compensation. Sorry it happened to everyone, but love the new Betty!

David Norris

Note to Blu Team...

I like the new size of the pic for the spash page.

Much better IMHO


DavidNorrisPhoto.com (Coming Soon)


Bettie must be a hot template. I tried to purchase it 2 days ago and was told it's sold out in IL. Almost unreal.

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