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January 20, 2007



WOW! That is one funky chair. I love it!

Heather Arellano

Hey, when is Blu going to tell us more about photographerresource.com? I'm dying to find out what this is all about.


Kailee, I have not heard back from you about the contract, We are ready to go, email me please :)


Anne, Just wanted to let you know I have recommended all my friends to you. Your new website is superb....you really capture the innocence and curiosity of children, but that's probably comes from having 4 of your own. See you soon.


Anne...what a wonderful gallery. I adore your pictures and hope to have you capture my family soon. Keep up the excellent work.


Anne's work is unbelievable. She brings out the innocence, curiosity, and beauty of every child she photographs. Anne's portraits prove that a baby au natural is the most delicious and wonderful sight on Earth! I love her website too. Keep up the great work, bludomain for finding the winners. Thanks.


Anne, SO GLAD that you are taking pictures again. Your new website is amazing! Babies are the most precious of all gifts and you are wonderful at capturing the true spirit from within them.


Truly, I have never seen such beautiful work. Anne has the ability to capture the innocence, spirit and feeling of a child in her photography. It compels one to almost look into the picture and actually know how it would feel to be a child again. Please spread your beauty whenever you can...


Anne, your work is AWESOME. You have a very simple and natural way of bringing out the true beauty of all your subjects. Keep up the great work!!!!. I enjoyed browsing your gallery.

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