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January 17, 2007


Audrey Woulard

WOW! What a HUGE honor to see my name on signs!! (and totally creative!)


~Audrey Woulard

Kelly Williams

Oh snap, my toilet shot is up there! I wish I'd have had the money to develop film so I could have gotten creative with my good camera. But the winners have some nice shots! Congrats to them!

Joe Moore

I wouldn't have posted more famous photographers, it just prooves the point that some were more worthy than the ones picked by a large margin:) you killing us Blu:(

Lindsey Thompson

I love seeing all the entries you posted. There were some very creative entries!! Congrats to the winners!

Lucky Red Hen

FUN posting more pics - I didn't win :o( but sure was fun to enter!!! Thanks for being FUN


Awesome pictures! I love seeing them all! Lots of creative minds out there! Contacts to the winners!


WOW! I just love this last group of pictures. Some of them are very creative!

Joy Nudd

Oh my...I'm speechless. Those are fantastic!
And Jill, you are the best :)

Terry H.

Great imagination on the self-images! Enjoyed them all!

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