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January 17, 2007


Joe Moore

First off, let me just say that when it comes to designing websites, you guys rock. However not so much on the rocking side when it comes to judging contest. I am very understanding that it can be overwhelming to go through 820 entries, from who won I find it hard to believe that they were the best because I know of a couple of entries that easily stand out from these. So with all due respect if you are not going to judge correctly you should just choose randomly which would be way less of a slap on the face :). I will take some time and judge these for you. What's so special about the him and her? perhaps better suited for your next contest:), last time I checked Brianna Graham didn't have a 7 attached to her name, maybe now she does:) and weren't we supposed to be holding the sign? I guess the wall can be heavy when you have to worry about the little cutie as well :). You are clearly saying one favorite photographer in the contest requirment but you grant the person with multiple names the spot anyways(why not I guess, people are allowed to do steroids and win championships LOL) last but not least is please a photographer's name ? I know it is not in the USA, perhaps elsewhere. I am really sorry to come off as rude but you leave me no choice, long time reader first time contestant and forever disappointed. I strongly believe that your selection by far doesn't reflect nor your creativity flair nor does it reflect your taste. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Contests mean a lot to some people and it just doesn't feel like you are showing the same passion and interrest in them.

Brianna Graham

Ummm THANKS!!! Wow - how completely AWESOME to see my name pop up here! Thank you SO MUCH!

- BriannaGraham7 ;)

Sara Anthony

Well, I'm pretty excited. Thanks guys!! Here's to a long life with Blu!

Lucky Red Hen

Congrats to the winners!!! Look forward to seeing your new websites :o)

+brittany embrey

YAY!!! we got one of the 5 runners up! sa-weeeeeeeeeeet.

thank you guys sooooooooo much!!!!


wow Jen Lane! thanks for mentioning me!! Now to get a BLU site for myself, eh!???


Joe says: "You leave me no choice..."

Hmmm...Joe...last time I checked everyone does have a choice...and to you...you might just choose to keep you mouth shut next time??

Brittney McChristy

What a thrill to see my picture on the top of the page! Thanks blu, I can't wait to have a new improved website!


How awesome that you voted for Jess Strickland! She's also my FAVORITE photographer!!! :) Just too bad you didn't win...because she'd be worth winning over!!!!

Type Pad Admirer and Impressed with the Class of Competition

Creative people sure can be original. The real credit goes to the person with an idea that could stir so many to put such an effort out. I was most impressed by the retired cheerleader with such Passion for her Favorite Photographer or her desire to win.


How cool to have received a runner up nod ... very fun!! Oh and to Joe ~ no Brianna does not have a 7 attached to her name ~ try to think outside the box a smidge ~ it was a nod to the Modern 7 Interface. I absolutely adore Sara's winning pic ... very, very cool!!!


I love these shots - very creative guys!


Oh cool--I am glad to see the rules can be stretched a bit :) I was wondering how strick they would be...joe...i know where you are coming from...but really i think this type of competition is more for fun and not to be taken so seriously. :) lets all just relax :)

Jen Lane

Well I'll be darned! I'm one of the top five losers! My husband just lovingly pointed out that that puts me (and those other four) in the top 1% of the entries! Not too shabby! LOL! I think it's very sweet that you guys even named five, very cool. Thank you. It was actually VERY hard to narrow down my photography loves to only that many, lol. I see inspiration in many places, I feel blessed to have learned from and with some of these amazing artists. Now, forgive me I have to go. I take my steroids at precisely this time each day. LOL.
Keep on rockin' in the free world blu!
Oh, Brianna, the interface is super fly, well done!


I d like to apologize to all of you, I think me being very competitive by nature took it a notch too far. You are all right it is about having fun and seeing everyone else have fun and be creative. Eventually we will all win.
PS: I am going to win the next one :)


are they still behind on answering emails? i've sent several since December regarding my VIP status, but still have no response....faxed my contract yesterday, so hoping someone is actually getting my schtuff! LOL thanks!


I always love your contests - even if I don't really enter them! I love that you show the entries along with the winners! You're so awesome at this contest thing that I linked to you as an example of how to run a successful contest in your blog!

Thanks for being fabulous as always!!

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