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January 16, 2007



YEAH! We are all waiting :) Super excited!


Biting nails.... :)

Glad to hear I am not the only night owl.

Sleep well tomorrow. :)


Breakin' out the Red Bull...can't wait to see!!

Theresa T.

We feel the love from the blu-team, and I hope you know how much your clients LoVe you too!!!


Okay... quit that partying and show us the interface already! I can't wait any longer! :)

Lucky Red Hen

Didn't realize we had to be CLEVER with the contest!?! Eek :o( Dangit. I thought it was a pull out of a hat kinda thing. [fingers crossed]


Waiting.. Waiting.. its killing me!!! I cant wait any longer!!!!

Kate Singh

Ok... I'm new to you...but recognize lunacy when it happens. LOL Deeeeeep breath....
When you do it ... we will buy it!!!!

Emily Loftus

can't. wait.


You all seriously know how to keep a girl on the edge of her seat!


i thought for sure by now....back to bed.

Donna A.

I'll check on it tonight. I'm going to bed. I'll purchase this evening.

mandy j

torturing us.....not fun. wake me when you are done pleeease. :)

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