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January 17, 2007


Amish Thakrar


Oh I'm jealous. Amazing job

I want one :P

Lindsey Thompson

It was sooooooo worth the wait!! I'm in love!!! I can't wait to get started on mine!!


You all are amazing! This looks awesome.


It was sooo worth the wait!! I cant wait to get started!



I am thinking about leaving Michigan just so that I can buy this ! :)

(I don't agree about that college thing, though...)

Lucky Red Hen


theresa t.

absolutely amazing, very creative and unique!!!

April Greer Photography

its neato!!!!! I love it!!! really can't thank you enough for breaking the norm. I wish my design was this *sniffle*sniffle

Aminu, M

My name is Aminu, Im interested in purchasing a site from bluedomain, I like the premium sites which are $800.00, the sales dept told me to team up with another 4 people and buy 5 sites for $400.00 each, please email me if you are interested, Im new to this blog, so any would be appreciated. Aminu, MD

SEI design group

Wow! This is very impressive. I know what I would be getting if I didn't already go live with a new site (2nd bludomain) earlier this month. Very cutting edge.


I LOVE IT! It was totally worth the wait!!

BTW, Brianna I am still paying off stupid college student loans and I'm not using my degree AT ALL for - never will. Enjoyed the words of wisdom.

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