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January 30, 2007



On the other hand the vaccine only protects against 4 strains of HPV and there are many, many more. You can still get cervical cancer, this lowers but does not abolish the risk and the vaccine is being offered to the most vulnerable of populations, little girls before they reach reproductive age.

PS if it is so good at REDUCING cancer risks, why not immunize boys too...how do you think the virus travels from one girl to the next?

Food for thought eh?


If the 911@bludomain.com email address no longer works, you guys should remove it from your voice mail message.

Also, is there any other way to reach you guys other than to wait 4 days for you to reply to an email?


Kelly- our 911 will be working shortly as we reconfigure all of our emails. On our BLOG this week I posted that BluDomain has major emails issues starting last Wednesday. If you haven't been contacted it's because no one on our team has received that email. We would be more than happy to contact you if you can email bludomain@comcast.net. Thank you and we have LOVED that you all have been so sweet and kind and understanding. We love our clients!


I too was going to comment on the vaccine...but decided not to.

I will comment on the the who's that girl. I recognize her and the sweet little madison form ebay...I always saw those pictures on the auctions there and I thought...that girl is great! So yeah I am so glad that she is on here and has a new blu!

I also was wondering where the boots are I won back in December...I know things have been a bit crazy, so I didn't want to bother you all, but are they still coming? :)Smiles to you all!


Shannon is AWESOME.


I have an idea.
Maybe people should stop having sex before marraige!
Then they wouldn't need no stinkin vaccine.

What a shame - take a drug so you can live the way you want to.

And the fact that you guys would post that crap on your blog!


(I think I know of a good "chill pill" someone can take!)



Ok...I'm interesetd in adding a little Blu. The Mini sounds like something I would like to have for a little nitch...but...HOW DO YOU GET IT?!?!?! I've been sending emails and get no response. I realize you've been having email issues but I can't figure out how to get info....can anyone help me out? Does anyone read these old posts?

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