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December 20, 2006



Yes! Everyone should take the day off! I'm in Denver too and there's nothing to do but enjoy being snowed in...

Melissa Davis

That sounds like a good idea! can I take the day off from being a mom today and see that movie too? LOL! Have fun being stuck in CA!

Teddi Maull

I can't believe all of this snow!! I'm in Denver too. I'm doing a little bit of work today (I have an album to finish), but mostly I'm curling up with a good romantic comedy ("a lot like love") :).

Congrats on being a new auntie! I'm sure your heart just doubled in size when you saw him!

Matt Lange

I agree. Work is never a good idea.


Oh my! How fun, and how sad....what a place and time to be stuck- that many days huh? That is unreal!Beta fish need food, but more importantly, they need heat, does she have lights wrapped around the bowl? I am sending good vibes to the Beta- and the BLu crew too!

Rob Brown

Go see Holiday - great film to pass the time with. I actually live in Surrey, England, just down the road from where they filmed half of the film so it was really odd to see it all. Very funny and entertaining.

Best of luck getting the flights back. Such a pain when that happens (the last 3 flights I've taken have been delayed by a day each, so maybe I'm jinxed!)

Good luck to little fishy Beta too!

Merry Christmas!

Susan Nunn

Oh my gosh . . . I will keep my fingers crossed that you will be able to get home soon.

I am in the area of where you are "stuck" so if you need help with anything don't hesitate to give me a call.

Jeff Mason

Being a traveler myself, not being able to get home really is a drag, Especially during a holiday. I need to chat with Aundrea, regarding new account questions and the contract she sent me Monday night. If she is up to it, and not sitting in a movie, I can email my number. Personally, I'd probably go see the movie.


How horrible for you guys! I hope you guys find a way to get home safely...and soon. I'm sure you really miss your families. Thanks for keeping us posted.


i have a beta and it lived for over a week without food, fyi : )

they are hardy little guys.


Sorry to hear about the weather. I tried purchasing a gift card but got a returned email saying your server is down. Can I still purchase one at the $495 price? Please email me w/details or let me know how to handle. Thanks!


Awww! It was so great Seeing The Blu Team last night!Thank you for such a great time! Please let them know they are welcome to use my studio for internet connections and such!

Jane Ziebart

We have a place for you to stay! I'm a fellow photographer who you are presently designing a site for and I'm less than fifteen minutes from where you are stranded. In all seriousness, if you need a relaxing no-cost place to stay, my husband and I have plenty of room and the door is open. PLEASE give me a call! The plus, I have computer hook-up! :) :) :)

Laura Siebert

Sending positive vibes your way. What a crappy thing to deal with. I'll be thinking of the fishy too. How sweet of everyone to offer help too (:

Carrie Sandoval

This wouldn't have been nearly as bad if you brought your children with you and had *me* photograph them (wink)!

Melissa Davis

oh no! I'm sorry you all are suck! I hope something works out and you are able to get home to your families and fish :)

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