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December 22, 2006



WELL! Explains why I couldn't get an answer and none of my faxes would ever go through! Hurry up and get back you guys! We miss you!


glad you are all safe. Have a Merry Christmas

Karen Leslie

I just had a take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to Blu for your fantastic determination and dedication to your clients. I had purchased a site last week, and had it ready to go on Monday. When I read on your blog about the crazy weather and delays you've been faced with, I assumed I wouldn't be able to go live until after Christmas. Not so! You guys were able to get me up and going on Thursday as you were searching for flights and good internet connections -- how? I have no idea. You guys are good and I'm just thrilled to pieces with my entire experience with Blu so far. :) Good luck on your trip home -- and have a great holiday. :)


I always need you guys ASAP! ha!

It can wait. Wow...how was the road trip? Any video? Huh? Crazy times we live in, but gosh, what memories you all are making!


hava A Merry Crismas

richard lewis

I am interested in purchasing one of your site templates, at the moment I do not have a domain name. Do I need to buy this first or is this something that you can arrange for me aswell?


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