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November 01, 2006



Sarah! You rock girl! Wow!


Woohoo! How awesome are you, Sarah!?! :)

Amelia Lyon

YAAAYYYY SARAH!! We are soooo excited for you! Your answers are so awesome and honest!

Joshua  Smith

LOL and she mentioned me!


Sarah, I think that is one of my favorite images of yours lately too!!! You seriously ROCK!!!!!

Tim Co.

wow! so exciting sarah :-)

Dan Watkins

Laugh for me, Sarah! :)

Leann Wrightsman

Hi Sarah! I so totally wish you were coming to OSPS -- I'd love to meet you in person!


Sarah is not only an inspiration but also a good friend and mentor and photographic genius and is the coolest boss you could ever have in all the world!!!!!

You ROCK Sappy!!!


Amy Nave

Hey Beautiful!!!!!!!!! Way to go:) I'm soooo proud of you!!!!

Sarah Barlow

Thank you so much you guys!!!!
You all rock sooooo much! :)

Leann, I am coming to OSPS!!!


i love you photo, thanks for the inspiration.

'If not a photographer I would have been a... Architect or Interior Designer'
me too!

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