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October 11, 2006


Carmen Wilson

I have to pee really bad and my assistant Kristen who has ants in her pants for me to see this won't let me go to the bathroom. Please hurry up!!! Enough with the wait! And lilyblu didn't work. :(

Oh, and you made me take pictures of my son this morning and I woke him up. And then I didn't even win! LOL


LilyBlu doesn't work...did you launch it yet or are you just saying it will launch?

Jason Armond

I"ll just have to be late for work, I have to see this site.

River Girl

How are we supposed to get any work done with all this blu going on?

Maureen Hartson

I'm supposed to be leaving..but here I sit. waiting. still waiting.

Shari Zellers

I don't think there's a link here yet. I think she was using lilyblu.com as a verbal example...

Dustin Izatt

How is it that she knows we threatened a hunger strike, in order to know that she is wasting time reading these posts instead of writing and posting.... HEHEHE

dani ham

Is this just a way to keep me looking at your blog every ten minutes? IT'S WORKING!!!


are we there yet ??? oh my God!!! day is going by too slow. i dont know how many times i clicked on this site.

okay , back to work ;)

Jason Armond

I feel like I am waiting for Jesus to come.

- Jesus is that you?

Sam Harnack

Now I have to pee...

Stacy Cross

I, too, am awaiting Jesus.....we may see him before we see the site.....and dang it, I want to see the site before I go!!!!!!


“Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting.”

Dustin Izatt

sure, they post the link, but its broken, grrrr

Dustin Izatt

Don't leave yet, you posted a link and thanked
Zahari, but it isn't finished yet. Fix the link pretty please

Shari Zellers

OMG!!!! It's freakin' awesome!
How do we buy???

Sam Harnack

Thats Haute ;)


where is the link ?

Shari Zellers

The link is right under that photo up there.
Oh, man I love this and ordered mine already ;o)


wow, rockstar is beautiful.
it would have met all my needs. too bad i didnt win the contest..... like dangling a piece of candy in a poor kids face, taking a photo, and walking away.



If ya'll keep this up I'll be getting a new site every 3-6 months....shhhh....just don't tell my husband!


River Girl

Are they giving a discount for people who already have a bludomain interface? And a special price for today?


I pushed the purchase button and completed the form. Still no contract via e-mail...presumming there's a backlog?! Also, safe to presume the $500 holds even if it takes beyond the midnight deadline to get the contract e-mail from Blu?

Shari Zellers

Yeah, that's what I'm guessing. That if you click purchase and fill out the form, that will hold your discount. I haven't gotten my contract yet, just a confirmation email so...I'm anxiously waiting!


forget red bull...all the work has paid off I am sure....bring on the Dom or better yet Louis Roederer, Cristal Brut 1990...yummy. Before ya'll get tipsu ...send me a contract!
;-) cheers

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