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October 11, 2006


Tim Co.

can't wait!!

Sam Harnack

I feel like one of those guys waiting outside the theater for StarWars... :)

Ruth Rackley

I've been checking religously every hour since Monday morning at 5:45am EST. It's like waiting on a babby to be born.

Joe Lacy

I feel like that Mervyn's department commercial where the lady is banging on the glass. "Open Open Open"

John Amis

Me too.. only it's 12:03 PM eastern (10 Mt)and the doors still aren't open.

Tim Co.

ahhh!! cant....take...it...anymore.......lol

Maureen Hartson

I keep hitting refresh! Cmon, cmon cmon!!!!

Sarah Barlow

Me either!!!! Ahhh!!!

Stacy Cross

Gheeze.....this is complete torture! It is definetely 10:12 MT and the mountain people are not showing their faces!

Joe Lacy

A lot like bidding on ebay, refresh, two browsers open waiting for last 30 seconds. Where's the timer on this thing?

Dustin Izatt

10:15 MST and I haven't slept since sunday night, I have been refreshing every 5 minutes awaiting rock star, please release it so I can get some sleep zzzzz....

Ruth Rackley

I'm glad to see I'm not the only impatient person here! I feel like I'm on a sugar high waiting on this thing!

Frank Sanchez

Please define shortly, the anticipation is killing us.


I am so excited i just wet my pants!!!!!!!!!

Ruth Rackley

10 minutes and counting :)

Joe Lacy

Glad to see I'm not the only one who sleeps in his glasses.

Bob Schnell

This is definately one of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had. I discovered you guys right after 26 came off sale, and have been waiting for the next one ever since. Damn is it hard to be a cheapskate!


Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?Are we there yet?


I wish they would have said 5pm MST and then surprised us. suspense, suspense.... we are all lame anyway waiting around for this...

Sam Harnack

I have a wedding to edit, a bride coming in, my studio is a mess.... AND I already have a Blu site! What am I even doing here???

Frank Sanchez

Fafa you are correct, where is the highlight of the day, awaiting the release. Go figure

Joe Lacy

At this point, I'd be delighted with a broken link and a 404 error. Pass me the Xanax please.


I ahve a blusite and thinking of adding this one...cmon lets see it.....I hate waiting!!!! Hellooooo...its 12:43 on the east coast...I can't wait!!! Back to editing.....hello? is it ready yet?.....ready?...now is it ready?....


I propose we stage a hunger strike.

Tim Co.

ha ha wow I know like half the people waiting...hi everyboooody :-)

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