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October 06, 2006



great interview and top notch guy :)


well as "overrated" as he says he is...he is achieving his goal of helping enrich other peoples lives more than he realizes...so thanks dj!! on behalf of all of us :)


DJ...in your infamous words...YOU ROCK! :)

Dan Watkins

If anyone wants in on the "who's it gonna be?" (Mrs. David Jay) pool...just shoot me an e-mail. I'll give you the odds and the over/under on your pick(s). ;)

Sharon Kearin

DJ, you've come along way from the dark room at Westmont...I am very proud of you.
Mrs. K


overrated? yeah, whatever! He's great & deserves every bit of this. But thats what makes DJ so awsome. He rocks the socks off every wedding he does, but he's still as humble as apple pie. Congratulations DJ!


You guys are too awesome...and am I allowed in on the pool or would that be like Pete Rose betting on baseball. :D


Ninja... that cracks me up!

Amy Nave

Awesome interview David Jay:) LOL... You're hilarious:)

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