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August 23, 2006


erin johnson

You go girl! You look great!!


Didn't the rules and regulations say that you had to take the picture while holding the newspaper upside down, while running in circles, rubbing your head, patting your tummy, on the day of a full moon? This contest is so unfair. If I'd known we didn't have to do all that I would have entered!

Ok - just kidding ;) You look great Beth!! And I know you must feel even better! Congrats!!


But was she really wearing red lipstick? Oh wait... Congrats Beth!


bahah MP funny!

Beth congrats girl- you look great!


I thought you had to find a creative sign and be sugar free.

too confusing for us California blondes.

funny Robyn.

And congrats Beth.

:) Bridget


OMG MP- I am ROFLMAO!!!! Beth- Congrats- you look GREAT!!!!!

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