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August 16, 2006



I'm so confused... does the "Renovation in Progress" sign still need to be included in the photo? Or a photo of a sign with that title now? (Just want to make sure I do the right thing as I head out to shoot my sign. Maybe I'll take 2 to be safe.)

Sue Schmidt

It's great to have Jack visiting Kentucky and to "meet" him! I heard he has been sight seeing and even went on a shoot with Troy and Amber. Amber is so talented and original and Troy has talents in the business that I didn't even know. I hope she(they) had a star by her(their) name. If not, she(they) should have.
Blu Mom


(Ok, I think you should just delete my last comment when you read this. I didn't mean to sound so difficult. I just finished shooting after midnight, and it was a bummer to discover I don't have what I need to enter now. But goodness, I didn't mean to sound so whiney about it! BluDomain *rocks* and like everyone else, I'm just hoping to win!)

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