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August 21, 2006



Found it... the link should be http://www.bludomain5.com/photo25/


Great new site!

Love the winners,but did not think we could "manipulate" the sign :( . I was going to do something like this,but thought we had to actually "find" a creative sign in our area.

oh well.

Those were good signs,congrats to the winners!


From the blog -

" Okay everyone is getting confused on this part. So let's keep it simple find a creative sign in your hometown.


Yes, a McDonalds....super creative.


what about the sugar free peeps??? would like to see when our photos need to be submitted.


This is really messed up! The sign contest did say to FIND a creative sign. This winner went to her friends at McDonalds and asked them to change out a few words. That\'s not creative,anyone could have had a friend in some small town add BluDomain 25 to their sign. This is such Bs.

Time off work and driving around looking for a great sign to follow the rules for NOTHING!

I will never enter another contest here.


Guys, it's all in good fun!


It's Blu's contests, they really don't HAVE to do this at all.
Give me a break ya'll!!
It's all in fun, if at first you don't succeed, try try again!



I had a blast finding a sign and what's really funny is that it was just up our street about 2 blocks away!!! And we got great laughs over it!
Hope everyone just gets happy and stops being so serious!!!

Troy Schmidt

Seems like ever since the Blu Guy contest EVERY contest has people complaining about what the rules are. The complaint I find most bogus is time after time, well if I knew that was the case I could have done that. And if you knew the next card in BlackJack you would win everytime.

Really the contests are meant to be fun. I think they are left somewhat open ended so that the responses are left to be creative. Again, I am surprised BluDomain continues to run contests since EVERY one seems to be plagued by complaints.

Take a step back, breath. These are fun contests that you are supposed to have FUN doing. Not seriously analyzing every word for the 100% TRUE meaning and extrapolating out legal rules and regulations. And when you don't win you examine the "rules" posting and look for the loophole to disqualify the winner.

Bottom line, "Be cool my babies." --Conan

Congratulations Erin!

Erin Johnson

Thank you all for your support and many thanks to Blu for picking my sign. I also appreciate those that are granting much more PS knowledge than I deserve. I am just learning and truly couldn't "manipulate" a sign. I am sorry that Blu has had to deal with complaints. Truly when I haven't won a contest, I have NEVER complained to the company. It is there contest. They choose the winners.


Well....all I have to say is that if these cheapwads would suck it up and BUY a site, they might not be so anal about losing!

It's all in fun! I honestly think Blu is awesome for giving so much away for everyone. Spend as much time in your business as you do in whining and you will GO places! Live it up!


People get real... join the real world. Blu is an amazing company and I am SO SURE the way to get yourself a free site is to sit and crap on them!!! YEAH- that always works!!! Bludomain- you all have the right to do whatever the HECK you want!!! I think your blog, your product, your people are GREAT! Keep rockin it and being yourselves!!! That is obviously good enough for the SCORES of photographers and others who choose your services!!

And Erin- I think that was a WONDERFULLY creative idea!!! You rock and you TOTALLY deserve it!! PpPpPp to you complainers! I didn't see you all hauling your butts into a McD's and asking them to CHANGE the sign for you!!!


No your right,you didn\'t see everyone else hauling butt into McD\'s and asking them to change the sign,because the contest said to go out and FIND a creative sign.

Yeah,it\'s only a contest,but you could of at least picked someone who followed the rules.
It\'s just a bit obnoxious.
Anyone,including myself could have drove 1 mile to our local McD and asked our kid or kid\'s best friend to change the sign for a few minutes.

Yeah, the effort is astounding.

This is not about not winning or being cheap,as I already am a Blu customer and will buy 25. It is just lame and I have a right to my opinion.


Some you all need to get a life or get laid ..one or the other ...to loosen you up a bit. This is supposed to be fun!


Then why the hell didn't you drive 1 mile and ask? Also the other signs are great...but are they creative or funny?

Get a life!


I really cannot believe you people! Why complain about something like this? REALLY! How lame is that! These contests are meant to be fun. PERIOD! No need to work yourself up into a hissy fit because you didn't win the free site that Bludomain GRACIOUSLY gives away! This is Bludomains site, THEY can chose the winner however the heck they want! There is NOTHING you can do about it. Just because you weren't as clever as the winner doesn't mean you can complain about it! Get over it and get a life!

Congrats Erin! AWESOME entry! You deserved to win!


Yes you have a right to your opinion as do we have a right to ours about you and the rest that haver complained and whined!

When you run your contest giving away expensive products, then you can deal with the whiners too.

It's just very disrespectful to Blu. They have gone above and beyond their call of duty to create a great site and fabulous contests. They don't have to do contests at all!
Again, if at first you don't succeed try try again, or Don't!


Yeah hey whatever. Find a creative sign, create a sign,what\'s the differance right? So what if people follow the rules and those who break them are rewarded,no biggie right? You shouldn\'t expect creative people to get upset over creativity right?

Shit,next time I will make no effort,break the rules,and win a free site to! YESSSS!


lame.wonder what MCD would think of this. Hope no one emails them.


Obviously the rules weren't "broken" if they chose that sign. Again...it was there choice and their contest.

Go sulk and pout somewhere else. I feel for your family.


Wow - unbelievable what people find time to complain about! I didn't see a link to official rules and regulations - sheesh people...obviously the people actually running the contest thought Erin did a great job! (and I do too - congrats Erin!)

Let's all hope that whiners like these don't ruin a good thing - the chance to win free stuff!

No names please.

I think it's nice that they offered to pick a 3rd winner.

They didn't have to do that or give anything away for free period.


I can't believe that these babies have thrown a fit and they are getting their way...Please don't offer these ungrateful jerks an additional template. That just goes to show if you bitch enough you will get your way.



You have got to be kidding me right? I mean, please tell me that the people complaining about a FUN contest that has no bearing on the grand scheme of things in life are children or petty snobby teenagers who want everything handed to them?? What? They're not? They're adults? GET OUT!!!!!!! How did Erin break the rules? She found a sign. She got creative and asked them to put up a message for her. Blu has every right to decide who they award the prize to. I could probably guess where some of the whiner signs that didnt win are...but I dont want to be more disrespectful than they have already been. Life is too short to get your panties in a wad over a contest. There is always someone/s that will find something to complain about in every situation in their lives. So much negative energy from something that was all out of FUN! Turn the computer off and go for a walk and breathe in some fresh air.

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