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July 21, 2006



I'd love to see this but it's not working. :-(

Can't wait until you get it fixed.

Ashley Crussel

You've got to be kidding? This is retarded! It's not even funny. Personal Touch Portrait Studios entry was soooo much better!


yeah,got to agree. I'm a little surprised at both winners. The jane is a bit boring and the guy isn't even funny.You guys made it sound like you had some real funny stuf and this is what wins?


Cliff Brunk is my personal hero


Is she even wearing red lipstick?????? I thought the "focus" was supposed to be on red lipstick. I guess the only way to win around here is to constantly break the rules. ( IE- the blu man of the year contest).


Yes the rules did say that. :(


quote : "We are only looking for the red lipstick. "

Oh well.


Lipstick looks pretty red to me. Perhaps some folks should check the color calibration on their monitors. I like both the winners.

Melanie Merkling

Anyone else notice how much the photo booth guy looks like Anthony Edwards - I had to do a double take.


ROFL... photo booth guy is freakin hilarious!!! Love the sexy legs~

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