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June 29, 2006


Troy Schmidt

Awesome another contest! You guys are just too good!! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for this black and white! Whatever you do, winning is so worth it.

I just can't believe there was only two black and white entries.

Wendy Armstrong

wow! you bludomain guys are awesome! how cool is this! and to think i'll get to reign for a year with not just 1 cool dude (troy you rock!) but with 2!!! woot woot! ahhhh all royal women should have a man at each side :) lol!!!!

Jose Martinez

Being one of the only 2 persons over 300 that really follow initial instructions submitting a B&W photo, I think we deserve at least a little recognition, right? LOL.-

Mark Newman

Mine was the other B&W. I agree with you Jose.


So, how many women turned in color portraits for "Blu Girl of the year 2006"?

Troy Schmidt

OMG! This Bose Sound Dock rattles the windows. This little puppy really cranks it out. Absolutely awesome!! Did I mention I am still shocked! Good luck to all you guys formulating your black and white entries.


I was wondering the same thing as the above post. I am also wondering if a man was counting these entries. I count 3 black and white entries - two in these posts and one pictured after the contest. I agree with Jose. I think that reading the rules should count for something.

Jose Martinez

Hey, Thanks for your support towards Mark and me!! Also, the text that I wrote read "Blu Guy of the Year 2006" as first requested. Does this also count? :)

Did I dream it, or that other photo in the blog was originally posted in color and then changed to B&W? I'm 99% sure I did not...

Congratulations Troy for your photo and winning.

Mark Newman

Like I said in another comment. I really dont need all the other stuff. Just a website. I'd even pay for the hosting.
How about a website for having a B&W image like it was said to do.
And I'm even a fellow Colorado-an. :)

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