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June 28, 2006


Heather Arellano

tired or hungover?

Amber Schmidt

ROFL.... Currently Blu man is PASSED out on the floor of my office- said his eyes could not stay open another minute- he literally did NOT sleep at all last night and our first session was at 9 am!!!!


If you knew this man at all.....he IS blu man 2006! ROCK on bluman!

Cristy Nielsen

Blu man, blu wife, and lucky blu friend gonna sleep good tonight!!


So when do we know who won the give something to someone contest?

Sue Schmidt

I am very proud of the 2006 Blu Guy of the Year. I was there when Blu Guy was thought of and knew it was a winner. Way to go, son!!


Ever hear of the Blue Man Group?!? Not so original... probably a copyright or trademark infringement as well... Besides, wasn't it supposed to be a B&W photo...?


Who cares about if it was copyright or not. Did you paint yourself blue? I think not. So dont worry. No one else thought of it. I think it was pretty cool!

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