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June 28, 2006


Troy Schmidt

Yes I shaved my head. And that is LATEX paint! This was the funniest contest I have ever participated in. Very awesome idea.


Troy - hats off to you dude!!! I was staring at your picture wondering if that blue could be done in photoshop! lol!


Love the blue guy, but this was supposed to be a black and white image right? As stated in this post:
E. We will be looking for the "Blu Girl" or 'Blu Guy" of the YEAR. They will be officially titled. Blu Girl and Guy will be treated like royalty from Blu all year long. No waits, private phone line, one BluDomain team member to always be at your beckon call, and VIP treatment which of course we can't tell you now what that means. So girls and guys you must prepare a black and white picture of yourself holding a sign that reads " Blu Girl of the Year 2006" or "Blu Guy of the Year 2006" I repeat you will want this title.


I agree with the last post... you guys need to do something about this... award a second winner for the 'blu guy' of the year...


Yep, something needs to be done about this... Ever hear of the Blue Man Group?!? Not so original... probably a copyright or trademark infringement as well... Besides, wasn't it supposed to be a B&W photo...?


I think it is great!

Mark Newman

All I really want is just a site. I'd even pay for the hosting!


Get over it dude! Yeah maybe it had to be b/w and they are doing the right thing BUT, didn't you post this twice about the blueman group? Who cares, your just jealous you didnt paint your body and win. Original or not.. get over it.

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